Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fun and some cute bangs

Summer is here and we are soaking up as much pool and outdoor time as we can, as well as just enjoying all being together!

 These girls love each other!

Little Miss Thang getting her bling on!

Following the leader the leader

A good summer afternoon snooze with all of her babies!

 What we do for fun when it raining outside...and a good way to keep the floors clean.

Well, it was bound to happen at some point with three girls.  This one cut herself some bangs!  I had taken Reese to gymnastics, and a babysitter was here with the girls.  We came home and unknown to the sitter Hadley had styled her hair.  I guess I am very lucky...they could be so much worse.  My hairdresser could not believe what a great cut she did...but made her promise not to do it again!  Bottom's just hair...and she is too cute!

My little helpers getting the beans done for mommy!  They are all always so willing to help do pretty much anything...thank you Lord for helping hearts!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just some fun days heading into summer

So summer is quickly approaching and we have been having some fun...a little that I have captured.  Jason, being the amazing father he is makes the girls pancakes every Saturday morning....unless he is out of town and then mommy makes them.  But, truth be told, the girls like daddy's better (mommy tries to sneak flaxseed and other fun thing like that in).

Another thing we love is our screened in porch...I take every opportunity to eat out there when it is it so much easier to clean up!  Especially since the dogs can be the broom and vacuum.

And of course we have to have fun with our furry babies.  Hadley may have taken it too far...she put a skirt, purse and headband on Ellie.  Ellie is a good sport, it could be worse!

 Mother's Day lunch at Mellow is a place that everyone loves and that makes mommy happy!

Grandma Shirla and Grandpa Dennis came for a weekend visit and we had a great time!  These girls love their grandparents.

One of many trips to the Birmingham zoo...I don't think we have gone a year since Reese was born that we don't have a membership...our girls love any and all animals...except crazy roosters!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Trampoline fun and a swallowed tooth

We have had more fun on our trampoline the past year...lots of energy spent and of course a few bumps along the way.  However the other afternoon, Hadley had a friend over and all of the girls were jumping together.  Until, there was crying a blood, a lot of blood.  It was our sweet Hadley and after cleaning her up, I realized that a tooth was missing.  

So instead of freaking out (my first instinct) I said...Hadley the tooth fairy will come tonight!!! Can you believe it!  And then we proceeded to think of all of the things she could do with her cute little hole in her mouth, like a great place to hold a straw!  We did realize that she had swallowed the tooth...not a problem, the tooth fairy can't tell the difference between a popcorn seed and a tooth!

Her tooth Fairy loot!
 The toothless grin

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

It is tradition for us to head to Atlanta to be with my mom and my mom's family for Easter.  This year was different for sure since my beautiful grandmother, Myrl, went to be with her Savior...but we still all gathered and had a wonderful time!  

We went to church with my mom and of course the girls ate of every moment at Bebe's house, playing and laughing.

These girls love their daddy and the feeling is mutual!

All lined up and ready to go for the Easter egg hunt at Aunt Marnee's house!  She was a wonderful Easter host with a brunch to feed everyone, and I think the Beckner girls ate their fair share!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ballet Recital...and a little drama

Hadley and Reese both had their ballet recitals this past weekend.  They both take at two different ballet places, sounds crazy but the times for their different ages just made sense.  That being said, their recitals were on the same day...luckily at two different times but it made for a busy day.

Hadley's recital was first...and I was bound and determined to be prepared to everything knowing that it would be a long day for everyone.  So, I had the bags packed with snacks, water, first aid, clothes, books, cameras and we were ready to go to Hadley's recital...Early!  We arrived about an hour early...but I was glad to not be rushed.  We got out of the car to take pictures outside on the front steps of the church and took great pictures on a beautiful day.  It was great until I asked Jason for the keys to get Hadley's ballet bag (with her shoes) out of the car...he said "in your purse" purse is in the car!  

Yes, no amount of planning can account for that!  Locking keys in the car with the ballet shoes needed for the recital...for the daughter who is not ok wearing any old shoes...but her own!  Thank the Lord we had gotten their early, and thank the Lord my husband is quick on his feet...he found a friend to let him use his car, drove home, got the spare key and got the shoes out right in time for Hadley's group to preform.

Now, I do have to say that was after a complete and total meltdown from her, trying on extra shoes from the ballet studio...none met her approval.  She was 100% that she would not perform and until her Knight in shining armor arrived (daddy) with shoes in hand! Lesson amount of controlled planning can keep life from happening...go with the flow!

Sassy sister taking pictures before we realized the shoes were in the car!
Bebe and Hadley after her great recital, she did an incredible job.  I know that girl is going to do something big one day!
Again, family pictures before the realization of the locked in shoes

Reese's recital was a few hours after Hadley's...we came home, ate lunch did another round of hair and makeup!  Reese looks so grown up that it takes my breath away sometimes!

She did an incredible job and is a natural ballerina for sure!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break

This year during Reese's spring break we made the long trek down to Punta Gorda, FL to see Grandma Shirla and Grandpa Dennis.  It was a long trip, but worth it to see grandparents and to have some warm weather!  The girls swam all day, every day in Grandma's pool...even one day when it rained...they were swimming!

 We took a trip over to the beach one day and searched for shells and shark teeth!  We came home with quite a haul of shark teeth that Reese took to show her class!

The girls loved Fritz (grandma and grandpa Dennis' dog) but they had a visiting dog for a few days...Delilah who jumped right into the pool with us on a few occasions!  The girls thought it was the funniest thing ever!
 Jason and I had an opportunity to have a long datenight while we were in Florida.  We went to dinner, explored the downtown of the city...and apparently Jason had a little extra time to fish!

 Thank you for a wonderful Spring Break!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Father/ Daughter Dance

This is the third year that Jason has taken Reese to the Briarwood Ballet's Father/Daughter dance.  This year, Hadley was old enough to go.  I love this because the girls LOVE to get dressed up to go on a date with their daddy.  Jason and I try to do individual dates with them every month or so, but this is always a special night!

All "dolled" up and ready to go

 Little princesses

 Lucky guy

 This picture captures Hadley's personality so well!

I hope this is something that we can continue to do and soon Brynlee can be a part of...if only daddy had three arms!